Affordable. Effective. Time Saving

I understand the temptation to build your own web site.

After all, that’s how I got started. But aren’t you a busy entrepreneur who should focus on what you do best?

Sure, you want to update your site. You want it to lie at the heart of  your social media activity. You want your site to help you build a great relationship with potential clients.

Together we can create an effective, attractive and responsive site that delivers all this and more.

I build all my sites on the WordPress platform. And I use professional themes from the best design houses;  StudioPress and iThemes exclusively. This ensures you have a site where ‘everything under the bonnet’ is being maintained by dedicated professionals. My job is to dress your chosen theme so that you have a site that is unique.

Using the WordPress platform gives you probably the best and easiest to use content management system available at any price.  You’ll never be tied to a web developers proprietary software.

Of course there’s nothing to stop you building your own site from scratch. WordPress is free. I recommend you avoid most of the ‘free’ themes, some are full of bugs, many are unsupported. A professional theme from the best design houses might cost you less than $100. You’ll need to research and buy suitable images for your site and learn how to use image manipulation software.  Of course you’ll divert yourself away from building your business to learning how to build a website. But maybe you’ll find a new business opportunity and have fun! On the other hand, working with me is unlikely to set you back more than a few hundred pounds and you’ll have a great site within just a few days. Whatever your choice, I look forward to hearing from you.