Why I use WordPress and StudioPress when building your new website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress powers over 8% of the web and is used on more than 26 million sites.

WordPress is ‘open source’ (and free). This means that instead of having a handful of developers work on supporting your site, you’ve over 10.000 continually improving the product.

You’re never going to be stuck because your developer has gone out of business or you no longer want to work with them. At any time you can move your site to another developer – no more being ‘held to ransom’ just because you want an update done or a new feature added.

WordPress offers a flexible and dependable basis on which to build your site. This allows me to build you a unique site fast and at lower cost, without sacrificing anything.

Used as a content management system WordPress is robust and very easy to use. And unlike a proprietary CMS, you won’t be locked into working with any one company.

WordPress makes it easy to grow your web presence. Start with a website, maybe add a blog later and build a ‘home base’ for all your social media activities – one that you own and control.

WordPress is here long term and is continually updated and developed. It is supported by a huge community, which means that almost anything you want to do with your site has already been built for WordPress – saving you from high development costs.

 Why StudioPress?

StudioPress, creators of the Genesis framework,  have a formidable reputation for developing attractive and robust WordPress ‘themes’ that can be modified to give you a unique looking site in less time and thus at lower cost. The main factor in the cost of a website is the developer’s time. By using ‘themes’ this can be substantially reduced saving you money.