What do you most want from your website?

Less than 1% of the visitors to a website come ready to buy.

They might, however, be willing to engage in a conversation with you – if you have something they are interested in.

You might conduct that conversation via email, YouTube and Social Media like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

But any social media conversation should be built on a solid foundation that you own – your website.

It’s under your control – whatever you post here, stays here.

Your ‘stuff’ won’t vanish just because of a Facebook decision. Or languish on yesterday’s ‘must have’ app – MySpace anyone?

It’s where you can write as much, or as little, as you like. And where what you wrote yesterday, last month, last year can easily be found.

Web design keeps evolving. Increasingly smart people realise that clean, simple sites with clear navigation outperform.

This is great news for all of us, because simple sites cost less to create. And perform better on mobile devices.

And ‘clean and simple’ doesn’t mean they’re not attractive - just take a look at these examples.

I build clean simple effective sites from £347 – and 80% of my clients pay exactly that.