I am not a typical web designer

Hi, I am Tony Harrison. I’ve been fortunate to work with interesting businesses and business owners for the whole of my working life. And I love it.

I am not a typical web designer – and I believe that is the key to why I may be the right person to help you with a great website that grows your business.

Initially my career choice was a matter of chance. At 18 I had no idea of what I wanted to do. Then I read an article in The Times newspaper that said the quickest way to the top was via a Chartered Accountancy qualification. Well, when you don’t know what you want to do, the TOP seems a good place to aim for. In retrospect I was really lucky. Because I trained with a smaller practice, I gained brilliant business training plus the experience of working closely with the owners of businesses large and small.

Now accountancy isn’t my forte and I am certainly not like most accountants. I’ve never regretted my Chartered Accountancy training as it provided me with a fabulous grounding in the lifeblood of business finance and taught me how essential it is to manage cash flow. And surprisingly it also developed my ability to spot typos and spelling errors- you see if I missed an error on a set of accounts I had to buy the boss a G&T and as an articled clerk, I couldn’t afford too many of those so I soon developed an eye for spotting errors.

So many websites are spoiled by silly errors and typos. Not on mine:-)

So what else qualifies me to help you?

Well, I am passionate about the power of business, particularly small businesses to radically enhance the lives of their owners, their teams and the local community. I get a great buzz out of helping people create and build their businesses; I never cease to be moved by the talent, enthusiasm and creativity of most small business owners.

Having been self-employed for the last 26 years, I’ve spent a small fortune building my knowledge and skills and I still invest continually in skill development. I’ve probably learnt most from some of the very expensive mistakes I’ve made – powerful lessons one would never seek out but worth a fortune. Over the years I reckon I’ve found what it takes to be successful in business, whatever the economy is doing.

Frustration = creativity and opportunity

I got into building websites for some of my coaching clients because we were frustrated by the lack of effective, affordable websites and with web designers who wanted to build something beautiful, with coders who wanted to create something clever, when all I and my clients wanted was something simple and effective that conveyed perfectly our business offer. A website is a waste of time and money unless it helps you win business.

Most people would label me a business coach. Fair enough, because our websites are now at the heart of all our marketing, helping you with a great website is a great way to help you revitalise your business.

Outside of business you’ll find me on my allotment or ‘front of house’ for Thame Players or Thame Cinema.

Thank you for reading this far. I’ll be delighted to hear from you. Call me on 01844 214372, 07817 401848 or book a strategy review using this form.